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Be Nice Carnival Day at New Groningen 1/22/2016:

Be Nice 1  Be Nice 2Be Nice 3Be Nice 4Be Nice 5Be Nice 6Be Nice 7Be Nice 8Be Nice 9Be Nice 11Be Nice 12Be Nice 13Be Nice 14Be Nice 15Be Nice 16Be Nice 17Be Nice 18Be Nice 19Be Nice 20Be Nice 21

New Groningen 5th Grade American Flag Talk 1/11/2016:

Jim flag 3 Jim flag 2 Jim flag 1


New Groningen’s 1st Grade 50th Day – 11/17/2015:

Kaboos 50th day 1 Kaboos 50th day 2 Kaboos 50th day 3


New Groningen’s Lunch Buddies – 11/19/2015:

Lunch buddies lunch buddies2 lunch buddies3


New Groningen’s Playground FUN!!!! – 10/23/2014:

2014 playground pic 2 2014 playground pic

New Groningen’s 4th Grade Field Trip to the Capital and Michigan’s Historical Museum – 10/22/2014:



Elementary Reading with Daniella Garcia:

Library March 20th reading 1 Library March 20th reading 2 Library March 20th reading