Donations for Books and T-Shirts for Bennett Elementary

Donations for Books and T-Shirts for Bennett Elementary

March/April Impact

We  partnered with Lincoln Elementary again this year and worked to enrich the lives of the students at Bennett Elementary in Detroit. There are two needs that have been identified and between NG and Lincoln we insured that each child at Bennett Elementary will leave for summer with at least 2 books that are of high interest and a shirt to wear that fits their newly initiated uniform code.

The following was written by Tom DeGraaf: School Uniforms

“This past year, this school was directed to adhere to a district wide uniform policy. Many parents were not able to afford enough uniforms to get their children through the week, so many students are having to wear the same clothes day after day. Monetary donations collected through a ’Penny War’ will go towards purchasing white, pale yellow, and light blue polo shirts for the 571 students. We know the numbers and sizes needed for each classroom and we are able to purchase each shirt for $4.00 through a local company.”

So, NG hosted a Penny War between the grades and all the money that came in was used to purchase shirts and books.  Also our NGFA donated the purchase of books for Bennett from a percentage of our sale of WFCS this winter.

I love that we love our own, and still look out for others in our world. Thanks for your help and support in teaching our children this important skill in life!

–Mrs. Poll


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